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Operations assistant

As an Operations Assistant, you will assist with the daily planning and organisation.You have good social skills which means you can communicate effectively with drivers, subcontractors and ferry companies. Your main characteristics are your sense of responsibility, organisational talent and leadership skills which mean you like to sink your teeth into monitoring trucking partners, the preparation trailer releases for import and export updates for ferry bookings. Your keen sense of responsibility and ability to keep the big picture in sight make you a creative problem solver. Above all, you are a flexible team leader with a hands-on mentality, you can think on your feet and you are a problem solver!


  • Planning: creating the daily schedules for the drivers and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. When there is congestion or an accident, you will provide the necessary support.
  • Organisation & delegation: you can organise orders for goods transport in line with the customer’s requirements. In this way, you literally get your team on the road. You keep a close eye on the haulage operations.
  • Administration: you record monitoring data, document any variations and prepare files for customers and drivers.


  • Team player: working as a team motivates you and others to keep going.
  • Expert in freight forwarding: you have completed a freight forwarding diploma or have sufficient relevant experience.
  • All-round communicator: you are clear and pragmatic! In this way, everyone knows how, what and where everything has to happen.
  • Flair for languages: your knowledge of Dutch, German, French and English means everyone can understand you easily.
  • A planner at heart: you would rather do nothing else than use your talent for organisation.
  • Independent thinker: you can work independently and you focus on results. You follow rules and keep to agreements. You are someone we can rely on!
  • Unflappable: in stressful situations, you are able to stay calm and keep an eye on the big picture.
  • Flexible: your flexibility means that you can easily adapt to circumstances that may occasionally change.
  • Road ninja: you know the European road haulage network like the palm of your hand.


Cool Solutions is a rapidly growing, dynamic company with a strong no-nonsense business culture. Good employment conditions and a salary to match are a given. The fun, informal atmosphere and work environment are a nice bonus. We have a work hard, play hard mentality!

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