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The acute shortage of drivers in the UK is being tackled!

It’s no secret that Brexit has had a greater impact on the haulage sector. Add to this the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and it should be clear that this combination has not been good for foreign haulage from and to the United Kingdom. It has led to a shortage of around 100.000 drivers. The British government has not failed to notice the problems of shortages of supplies in supermarkets and petrol stations running dry. Time to take measures!

Under the current rules, drivers from the European Union are able to make two deliveries within seven days after their arrival in the UK. The relaxed measures, which were announced by the British Minister for Transport, promise to allow an unlimited number of journeys within a period of two weeks. As a result, thousands of heavy goods vehicles are able to return to British roads. It sounds like music to the ears of our team in Belgium and our branch in England.

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