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New legislation leaves a bitter taste

According to new legislation that will enter force on 21 February 2022, all lorries will be obliged to return to the country where they are registered once every eight weeks. To say that this will have huge consequences for international haulage firms is an understatement. We will need to consider this at the strategic level to be able to continue working as efficiently as possible. After all, as far as possible, we definitely want to avoid our lorries returning empty!

We expect that the new legislation will lead to a 15% loss of capacity, not to mention unnecessary CO2emissions. Given the current shortage of drivers and lorries, counteracting this is going to be a challenge.2-uitstoot nog maar te zwijgen. Het wordt een uitdagende opdracht om dit tegen te gaan, gezien de huidige schaarste aan chauffeurs en vrachtwagens.

Many member states in Eastern Europe do not agree with this new legislation and have started proceedings at the European Court of Justice in the hope that the regulation can still be scrapped. In any case, we are braced for it and we are already preparing for this change.

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